Email Tips: Christians Behaving Badly

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, July 17th, 2021 .

There are many misbehaving Christians.

If Christianity were a collection of better behaving people, then it would be just one of many religions claiming that role. It would also be like every other religion: filled with imperfect followers, failures, and hypocrites.

However, if the doctrines of the Bible are true, then it has nothing to do with its adherents and everything to do with the truth found in Christ.

This does not stop people from judging Christ by those that claim his name. The thought is that since Christians do not act like Christ, then Christ must not be true.

Yet, among sinners is precisely where the truth of Christ is manifest: unlike other religions. Christ did not come because people could be like him. He came because we could not be like him.

He died for sinners; he justifies the ungodly; he chooses the unwise, weak, ignoble, foolish, and base to grant salvation freely through faith. Christ is what makes the Christian, or else we are nothing.

This is called grace. It is only possible because he accomplished what we could not by his death to pay for sins and then defeating death through resurrection.

It is the actions of God in Christ, not the actions of Christians, that make Christianity good, right, and true.

Christ defines Christianity, not other Christians.

By His Grace,

Justin “his work, not mine” Johnson

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