Email Tips: Beware Superstitious Numerology

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, January 26th, 2013 .

Counting the letters in my name creates the combination 6-6-7. This means I am one letter away from being the antichrist(Rev 13:18).

Of course, this is pure bunkum, and so is many other practices of so-called Bible “numerologists”.

Bible numerologists are always trying to find deeper meaning to the scripture through some secret pattern, code, or statistical anomaly.

The purveyors of such ideas are typically looking for proof that the Bible is God’s word by finding a divine numeric fingerprint.

However, the evidence for the Bible’s divine inspiration does not rely on hidden codes, patterns, or numbers.

Some will say that numbers themselves have a special meaning. This allows a secret Bible interpretation to come from giving words new numeric meaning. This is not a practice worthy of Bible believers.

Be wary of those who attach special meaning to numbers. Their supposed meanings are speculative at best and superstitious at worst.

Moreover, numerology distracts from understanding the plainly revealed doctrinal mysteries of God in scripture (1 Cor 4:1, Eph 1:9).

Stop counting words in your Bible and start studying it.

For His glory,

Justin Curtis Johnso

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