Email Tips: Beware of Trivia Bible Study

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, September 3rd, 2011 .

The purpose of Bible study is not to discover the trivia that
no one else has yet to see.

On the contrary, profitable Bible study requires spending
time on the foundational doctrines of the gospel.

Every saint of God needs to be personally edified in the
doctrines of the gospel, our purpose, life in Christ, and
right division.

Too often, these important doctrines are only given a
superficial study and ignored in order to find some new
trivial thing.

Studying for Bible trivia is different than doctrinal study
that produces mature saints.

If the basic doctrines are milk, and the advanced are meat,
then trivia is sugary candy. They may be interesting, but
do nothing to nourish you.

For His glory,

Justin “sugarless” Johnson

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