Email Tips: Bernie Sanders and Paul

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, June 17th, 2017 .

Many Christians have appeared before governmental authorities and have been questioned about their beliefs.

What happened between Bernie Sanders and Russsel Vought last week was minor in comparison to past hearings that have condemned Christians to death for lesser testimonies.

Nevertheless, it was a perfect example of the ignorance of our political overlords concerning Biblical Christianity, and their apparent hypocrisy in demanding tolerance from Christians while trying to remove them from the governmental workplace if they maintain their Christianity.

Every Christian ought to take the transcript of this recent encounter and put themselves in the place of Russell Vought. It is a good exercise for when you will be questioned about your faith according to the ignorant intolerant faithless culture in which we live.

What would be my answer to Bernie Sanders questions about the condemnation of those without Christ?

You can read the dialogue here: Bernie Sanders vs. Justin Johnson

And here an imagined dialogue if Paul were once again put on trial before a Bernie: Bernie Sanders vs. Apostle Paul

For God’s Glory,

Justin “2 Tim 3:12” Johnson

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