Email Tips: Before You Study the Bible

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, March 10th, 2012 .

Before you study the Bible you need to make a choice.

You must choose whether your mind has flaws that need corrected, or God’s word has flaws that need corrected.

People who choose that the Bible has flaws in it will believe only what is palatable to their mind, serves their interests, and is positive towards worldly wisdom.

Bible believers admit that the Bible is perfect whereas they are not. This results in a change of mind that aligns with Biblical truth.

If you want to grow in the knowledge of the truth, you must start by eliminating the idea that your Bible has flaws that need corrected. This thinking will diminish the affect of God’s word and will lift up the minds of men.

For His glory,

Justin “Less perfect than my Bible” Johnson

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