Email Tips: Ask Questions

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, August 22nd, 2009 .

Convicted Christians sometimes have an image of telling
everyone what to do. They are regarded as pious primitive
throwbacks that discard any intelligent inquiry.

Don’t be pigeonholed. Asking questions is a good way to
show that you invite intelligent discourse and want to
engage in what other people believe.

Remember the questions you had in the beginning?
Ask those same questions to someone else with the
goal of listening to their belief system. It will identify
where to direct future discussion.

We should not fear questions if we study the truth. The
worst that can happen is that we correct our thinking. The
best that can happen is someone else learns what you
have learned and you become more convicted.

Ask your pastor, your friends, your family about verses
you use to struggle with. Don’t respond to your
own question the first time unless they ask you. Ask
them again in a week.

Be curious. Eventually people will see they don’t have
all the answers.

Justin “Colossians 4:6” Johnson

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