Email Tips: Appreciate Genealogies

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, May 24th, 2014 .

Some of the most neglected passages of the Bible are genealogies.

They are dry to read, lack the doctrinal depth of the epistles, have no narrative, and when put to song they make “Dem Bones” sound profound.

Notwithstanding, genealogies serve many important purposes in the Bible.

For example:

1.) They show divine inspiration and preservation by their accurate transmission through history.
2.) They authenticate people and places as part of real history and not myths and fables.
3.) They are used in prophecy to identify the Messiah (e.g Son of David, Son of Abraham).
4.) They connect the first Adam and the last Adam proving that Christ died for all men.
5.) They show God’s continual involvement and observation of history.
6.) Some genealogies are also chronologies that help us to date events in the Bible like creation, the flood, and the reign of David.

Throughout history Bible believing men have spent years studying, comparing, and preserving the genealogies and for good reason.

They are the most important family records in history containing both the first man and the second man, the Lord from heaven (1 Cor 15:47).

Use them to create your own time line of the Bible, and you will find a better understanding of Bible history and connections between books of the Bible.

A dozen more reasons are listed in our lesson on the genealogy between Adam and Noah found in Gen 5.

It is important to know the place of genealogies, that they have been perfectly preserved, and are profitable.

For His glory,

Justin “begotten” Johnson

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