A Saint Misses the Rapture

This originally appeared as an email delivered on
Saturday, August 1st, 2020.

Last week brother Terence D. McLean missed the rapture. He now enjoys being present with the Lord before any of us who are still waiting for that day.

To read more about brother Terry’s greatest day and to listen to his own comments about the day they “put him to bed with a shovel” visit the last update to his website.

His uncompromising stand for mid-Acts King James Bible believing Pauline dispensationalism saw souls saved by the clear preaching of the gospel of Christ and saints edified by the Bible rightly divided.

Seventeen years ago, brother McLean and his church on Hoop road encouraged a group of young right dividers in Indiana to start “doing the work”. His exhortation was to preach “as much as in you is”, because the “time was late and the need was great”.

He was right. Now, the time is later and the need greater.

He was fond of telling those in ministry to “press on” according to the Pauline pattern of Phil 3:14. This we intend to do to “see souls saved and saints edified”.

We rejoice that brother Terry no longer needs to hope for glory. Meanwhile, the rest of us will continue with our feet on the ground, nose to the grindstone, eyes to the sky, lips singing “What a Day That Will Be”.

Till Christ come,

Justin “ambassador520” Johnson

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