Email Tips: 66 Book Studies

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, June 14th, 2014 .

Every Tuesday night our church meets to do verse by verse expositional Bible study.

Verse by verse is like writing a commentary. It is very slow work. At the pace we are going I will not finish the whole Bible verse by verse in my lifetime.

Praise God that people are studying the Bible on their own… right?

Every Christian should do a simple book study of all 66 books of the Bible. A book study is not verse by verse commentary.

A book study requires enough familiarity with the book to know what it is about, what are the important passages, and to create a general outline.

Producing 66 book studies should take less than 5 years during normal Bible study time each week.

Children should be required to do this by their parents. This is not busy work, nor school homework that will be trashed once they graduate. This is a good start for a lifetime of Bible study.

By the time they get their first job they will have done two things a majority of Christians have not done: 1) read through the entire Bible; 2) provide a summary of each book.

The first lesson of every new book we study verse by verse is a general summary of the book.

Take my “Introduction” outlines as a pattern. Listen to our recent audio lesson titled “Open the Book and Study“.

Before you can rightly divide, you must know what needs dividing.

For His glory,

Justin “every book” Johnson

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