Email Tips: 3 Steps for Bible Study

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, September 12th, 2009 .

Perhaps no one has shown you how to study the Bible.
Here are the steps:

1) Read it, and read it again. (Rom 10:17)
You will not know God or his words without reading them.
Start doing this immediately. You must become familiar.

2) Compare similar verses. (1 Cor 2:13)
Use an electronic concordance to find every other verse
with similar words in seconds. You can also use a printed
concordance. You can also search for related words.
Compare scripture with scripture.

3) Determine the application. (Neh 8:8)
This is what we call right division. Not every verse in the
Bible was written to you. You must determine who is
speaking and where it fits in God’s purpose. Was it
for Israel? Is it for the Church today? This is where
the confusion lies within the church. You must become
fully persuaded in your own mind (Romans 14:5).

Only you can do the first step. There are tools to help
with the second. Our website is designed to help you
with the third.

As you study you will see your faith increase and your
discernment will grow. If you don’t you are doing
something wrong. Write me for help then.

For His Glory,

Justin Curtis Johnson

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