Email Tips: 2020 Ambassadors Seminar

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, August 15th, 2020 .

It’s time to announce this year’s 2020 Ambassadors Seminar: Identity Crisis.

The most important thing you can learn after being saved is who you are in Christ.

Without a clear sense of identity, you can feel confused, disoriented, like you don’t belong, lost, alone, lacking motivation, purpose, and direction.

That sounds more like a drug commercial than a Bible study, but the problems are real.

Every Christian is given an identity in Christ. Ignorance of who you are and what you are meant to be results in failure to live the Christian life.

Imagine Christians going through life as dead, defeated, condemned, and confused, experimenting with different lifestyles and ideologies to provide purpose. You don’t have to imagine very hard. That is the reality of the identity crisis we are seeing all around us.

A strong identity gives us peace with our past, a position of responsibility, a sound mind, with confidence and hope about where we are going and what we should do.

Are you still searching for who Christ made you to be?

What is needed is mind-altering, but it is not a drug. You need a renewal of your mind by the word of God.

Join us October 17th and 18th in Swayzee, Indiana for the 2020 Ambassadors Seminar and begin to learn about your new life in Christ.

For Christ in you!

Justin “Christian” Johnson

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