2017 Ambassadors Seminar – The Reformation

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Saturday, September 9th, 2017.

What happens when you put a copy of God’s inspired words into the hands and language of every farmer and merchant?

What happens when you provide knowledge of salvation from the scripture to any man, woman, and child?

What happens when a Catholic monk teaches through Romans and Galatians at the same time that religious men constrain his congregation to coffer their money to spring souls from purgatory?

One thing that could happen is a major shift in religious and secular history that still leaves its mark today.

This year is the 500th anniversary of when the spark of the Reformation flew from the mallet of Martin Luther who nailed his 95 Theses to a community door in Germany.

That spark lit the tinder laid by Wycliffe, Hus, and Tyndale and gave the light of the gospel to millions across Europe.

This year’s Ambassadors Seminar explores the doctrines of the Reformation as they opposed the errors of Christian religion.

If you want to know what business a mid-Acts dispensationalist has understanding the Reformation, then reserve a seat and join us in taking a closer look at what power the Reformers saw in Paul’s epistles that led them to turn their world upside down.

For His glory and grace,

Justin “semper reformanda” Johnson

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