2 Timothy: Paul’s Faithful Words

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Saturday, February 11th, 2023.

After 60 weeks and 50 lessons, our verse-by-verse study of 2 Timothy is complete.

2 Timothy is Paul’s final epistle, and it is completely full of exhortation to carry on the work of the ministry. (Otherwise known as good preaching material.)

Timothy had already learned sound doctrine from Paul and gained experience working with Paul in church ministry, but now it was time for him to make full proof of his ministry after Paul’s absence.

Paul would soon be with the Lord. Timothy would remain to do the work of the Lord in the church. Would he continue in the pattern left by Paul, the prisoner of the Lord?

This is the same challenge every new generation of the church must face. Will the church be unashamed of the Lord and of Paul (1:8), “hold fast the form of sound words” (1:13), “rightly divide the word of truth” (2:15), and “preach the word” (4:2)?

Or will the church respond in fear and abandon the truth when faced with distress, suffering, opposition, isolation, accusation, or the desires of a majority with itching ears for stories and entertainment?

Paul was writing to urge Timothy to be faithful.

It was not written for him only, but for all who struggle with the fear and fray of the battlefield of service to the Lord.

Paul’s final words of exhortation can transform saints into soldiers, the fearful into faithful fighters, and the intimidated into unashamed workmen.

After studying 2 Timothy, we should be ready to put our nose to the grindstone, our hands to the plow, our ears to the truth, and our eyes on finishing our course as Paul did: faithfully.

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Grace be with you,

Justin “to the end” Johnson

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