Email Tips: 1 Corinthians Series

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, August 4th, 2012 .

1 Corinthians is the longest of Paul’s epistles.

In it Paul gives a much needed lesson in rebuke and maturity for the church.

It is just the thing someone needs after they get puffed up with the knowledge of grace, but don’t yet have the experience to know what to do with it.

It may benefit us to consider why the same topics that divided the carnal Corinthians remain controversial in 2012:

– Baptism (ch. 1)
– Head Coverings (ch. 10)
– Communion (ch. 11)
– Spiritual gifts (ch. 12)
– Tongues (ch. 14)
– Resurrection (ch. 15)

And while these controversial chapters are well worn in many Bibles, the real benefit of 1 Corinthians is found in the lesser read chapters.

Chapter 1 – Paul rebukes the wisdom of the world
Chapter 2 – The mystery of God’s wisdom and spirituality
Chapter 3 – Building on a Pauline foundation
Chapter 4 – Being stewards of the mysteries
Chapters 5-6 – Producing good works in our bodies without the law
Chapters 8-10 – Acting charitably toward the weaker brother

Whether we are identified as one of the carnal Corinthians, or one of the weaker brothers there is room for everyone to grow by a study of this tremendous book.

If you’re grounded in your liberty in Christ and are ready for a challenge to mature in grace then study the book on your own giving God the benefit of the doubt.

Meanwhile, you can listen to all 50 lessons of our study covering every controversial and astringent verse from a mid-Acts Pauline Bible believing perspective here:

For His Glory,

Justin Curtis Johnson

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