Popular Objections to Mid-Acts

This series was recorded between January and June 2015 during our Sunday 10am Q&A meetings. The list of objections was provided by a gentleman in opposition to mid-Acts dispensational right division. Dealing with the detractors is important, and in this series we present the mid-Acts response to popular objections we hear over and over.

Lesson Name Audio
1. “Paul preached the faith he once destroyed” (Gal 1:23) MP3
2. “There is only one church, and it existed before Paul” MP3
3. “Peter went to Gentiles first” (Acts 10) MP3
4. “Peter taught Paul’s gospel to Cornelius” (Acts 10) MP3
5. “Peter is saved by grace, too” (Acts 15:8-11) MP3
6. “If there are different gospels then Paul is calling Peter cursed” (Gal 1:8-9) MP3
7. “The Spirit was given first at Pentecost” (1 Cor 12:13) MP3
8. “People were in Christ before Paul” (Rom 16:7) MP3
9. “The church and the kingdom are the same thing” (Luke 16:16) MP3
10. “Paul preached the kingdom” pt 1 (Col 4:11) MP3
11. “Paul preached the kingdom” pt 2 (Acts 28:31) MP3
12. “Peter did not preach works” (Acts 4:10-12) MP3
13. “James and Paul do not contradict” (James 2:23) MP3
14. “Peter taught the blood of Christ, too” (1 Pet 1:18) MP3

Other objections below are answered from articles or in other lesson series:

“Gentiles partake of Israel’s spiritual things” (Rom 15:27)
“Paul taught the New Testament in 1 Cor 11:25” (Also see our communion page)

The motivation for answering objections should not be to win an argument or to prove ourselves right. Dealing with objections helps us to let God be true, the Bible inerrant, and to remove any form of false theology from our thinking.

Many objections and questions we receive result from a general misunderstanding of the mid-Acts position. These responses are made available not to debate, but to clarify the mid-Acts dispensational understanding of the Bible.

“I still have objections”

If you have objections to mid-Acts feel free to contact us. You may find your objection answered if it has not been mentioned before.

Before contacting us please search this site to see if you can find the mid-Acts response, and please … please… please read first The Main Point of Mid-Acts Doctrine

These lessons were originally published in the weekly Grace Ambassadors Update sent free to subscribers.