2017 Ambassadors Seminar

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Image: Luther at the Diet of Worms by Anton von Werner, 1877. Wikimedia.

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Theme: The Reformation: A Closer Look at Salvation

When: Saturday, October 28 / Sunday, October 29, 2017

What: It is the 500th anniversary from the spark that lit the Protestant Reformation. What was the Reformation, and what relationship does it have to mid-Acts Pauline dispensationalists? This seminar covers the important salvation doctrines that were preached through the Reformation, and how we need to continue to oppose errors and excess in the church today by teaching salvation clearly from the Bible rightly divided.

Saturday, October 28

Session Topic Speaker
Session 1 A Closer Look at Salvation Justin Johnson
Session 2 Scripture Alone: the authority for salvation Dustin Fulkerson
Session 3 Christ Alone: the place of salvation Justin Johnson
Session 4 Grace Alone: the means of salvation Jeremey Johnson
Session 5 Faith Alone: the requirements of salvation Myron Long
Session 6 God’s Glory Alone: the result of salvation Justin Johnson

Sunday, October 29

Session Topic Speaker
Session 7 Paul’s Epistles Alone: mystery of salvation Jeremey Johnson
Session 8 God’s Will Alone: the future of salvation Justin Johnson

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