2013 Ambassadors Seminar

The Most Important Things to Learn
from the Bible

Do you struggle to understand the Bible and apply it to your life?
Frustrated of reading the Bible and never growing?
Discover the most important things you can learn from the Bible.

I’m sorry, you missed this seminar. Listen below.
When: Saturday, December 7 / Sunday, December 8, 2013
Where: Grace Ambassadors Bible Fellowship [Directions].

What: The theme of this seminar is the most important things a struggling Christian can learn from the Bible.

Listen to the Seminar!
If you could not attend the seminar listen to it online!

Download and listen to the MP3 recordings below:
Session 1: God Sees Things Different Than You – Justin Johnson
Session 2: God’s Words are Better than Yours – Terence D. McLean
Session 3: God was Not Always Talking to You – Jeremey Johnson
Session 4: God’s Will is Not Your Will – Justin Johnson
Session 5: God’s Evaluation is What Matters – Terence D. McLean
Session 6: God Wants You Dead – Justin Johnson