2011 Ambassadors Seminar

Israel and the Church

What is Israel?
What is the Church?
Are they the same or separate?
Discover the truth about Israel and the Church from a mid-Acts Pauline dispensational perspective.

I’m sorry, you missed this seminar. Listen below.
When: Saturday, December 10 / Sunday, December 11, 2011
Where: Grace Ambassadors Bible Fellowship.

What: The theme of this seminar is to discover the necessary Biblical division between Israel and the Church.

There is too much confusion about who is true Israel, and what is the Church. More so, there is confusion about what their relationship is to one another.

Some think the Church has replaced Israel, others think we are spiritual Israel, and others think that Israel and the Church coexist and God deals with each of them separately.

This seminar will show you how to avoid these common mistakes about Israel and the Church.

Listen to the Seminar!
If you could not attend the seminar listen to it online!

Download and listen to the MP3 recordings below:
Session 1: What is Israel – Justin Johnson
Session 2: The Church – Terence D. McLean
Session 3: The Fall of Israel – Jeremey Johnson
Session 4: The Failure of the Church – Justin Johnson
Session 5: The Rise of Israel – Terence D. McLean
Session 6: The Future of the Church – Justin Johnson