2010 Ambassadors Seminar

Introducing the Mystery of Christ

What is the mystery of Christ?
How is it different from prophecy?
Discover the most important truth in the Bible!

I’m sorry, you missed this seminar. Listen below.
When: Saturday, December 11 / Sunday, December 12, 2010
Where: Grace Ambassadors Bible Fellowship.

What: In this Ambassadors’ seminar we discuss the one doctrine that affects everything else in the church. Defining the mystery of Christ from the scripture will lay a foundational understanding of the most important teaching of Jesus Christ.

Listen to the Seminar!
If you could not attend the seminar listen to it online!

Download and listen to the MP3 recordings below:
Session 1: Chart: Prophecy vs. Mystery – J. Johnson
Session 2: A Gospel Issue – T. McLean
Singing 1
Session 3: Peter vs. Paul – T. McLean
Session 4: The Mystery Defined – J. Johnson
Singing 2
Session 5: Consequences of Prophecy – T. McLean
Session 6: Consequences of Mystery – J. Johnson