Specifics of Salvation

This series of lessons was taught between June and August 2011. The theme was The Specifics of Salvation. It chronicled the specific aspects of salvation and how they are described in both prophecy and mystery portions of the Bible. This series of lessons was recorded between June-August 2011.

Lesson Name Audio Outline
1. Specifics of Salvation MP3 Outline
2. Atonement and Propitiation MP3 Outline
3. Forgiveness MP3 Outline
4. Redemption MP3 Outline
5. Redemption Part II MP3 Outline
6. Redemption Chart MP3 No Outline
7. Reconciliation MP3 Outline
8. Justification MP3 Outline
9. Sanctification MP3 Outline
10. Sanctification Part II MP3 Outline
11. Grace MP3 Outline

A summary of the above series can be found in the lesson: Salvation Explained.

These lessons were originally published in the weekly Grace Ambassadors Update sent free to subscribers.