We Need More Sin

Justin Johnson

Now that I’ve got your attention, let me explain.

We need more people to believe in sin. Is it just me, or do more people believe Santa is real than believe that sin is real?

Nobody ever gets put on Santa’s naughty list anyway, right? Naughty? Sins? It doesn’t exist, they didn’t mean it, they are all nice boys and girls.

To speak about this or that behavior being a sin is like telling an inappropriate joke at the dinner table.

The problem is that without sin we don’t need salvation, a saviour, nor God himself. Just as Adam thought, we can be as God, if only sin was not sin.

Man only knows about sin from the Bible, which would be why the same people who don’t believe in sin don’t believe the Bible.

The curse on the earth is a reminder of man’s first sin.
The marks of the global flood are a reminder of a world punished for sin.
The law was given by God to give us the knowledge of sin.
Christ came to die for our sins.

But all of that is just fairy tales to people blind to sin.

The Silence About Sin

Sin has officially become a cultural anachronism. An anachronism is something out of date and old-fashioned, like vinyl records and slap bracelets. Talk of sin is seen as the horse and buggy.

Talk about rights is very common: worker’s rights, women’s rights, civil rights, human rights, religious rights. It is even acceptable to talk about what you think is wrong.

You can say that abortion is wrong, the USDA is wrong, lying is wrong ~ fine! Grab a ticket and place your vote.

Yet, the day a politician runs on a campaign of “it’s a sin”, is the day he loses the election.

Even Christians do not talk about sin anymore.

There are plenty of campaigns to create Christ-followers, lovers of Jesus, and passionate Christians, but where are the campaigns to save sinners from their sin?

Would anyone even attend such a rally?

Opportunistic Christians found that it was not very popular to speak about sin. So they became silent on sin, and the crowds grew larger.

Large crowds of people wanted to know God without knowing sin. Large crowds wanted all the blessings without any of the curses. You say selfishness is a sin? Now, that is an old-fashioned idea.

We Need More Sin

If people are ignorant of sin, they are ignorant of the true God, for sin is what is contrary to God.

God sees things differently than us. He sees a world full of sin. We see a world that is normal. We need to change our perspective so that God is right all men are sinners (Rom 3:4).

Salvation is unnecessary without the reality of sin. Mere faith in God is not salvation from anything, and Christ dying for your sins is meaningless if sin is not real.

Before you trust the gospel that Christ died for your sins, you must first acknowledge that sin exists, and it is in you. To see more souls saved, we need more talk about sin.

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Published: December 28, 2013
Last Modified: March 15, 2018
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