Sin is Your Problem

Justin Johnson

The world has problems. Some people blame it on poor psychology, economics, politics, money, and ignorance.

The Bible blames it on something called sin.

Sin is rebellion against God’s order.

Sin is not a psychological syndrome nor does it come out of smoke stacks, it comes from people. People sin. They sin all the time.

Selfishness, a sin, causes marital discord. Greed, a sin, causes theft and corruption. Pride, a sin, is the source of all contention, wars, and conflict.

People ask why bad things happen. God explained how it all started: sin. Ever since sin first entered the world, the planet has been broken, and people have been buried. God’s order was life and peace. It was sin to choose the opposite.

Make no mistake, the problem is sin, and God wants to destroy it.

Your own sins contribute to the course of this world. Your own sins cause problems and bad things to happen. Unless you separate yourself from your sin you will be destroyed.

Now there is a greater problem. Sin in us is not something that is easily separated. When we try to eradicate it, it seems to always return. Even if we succeed at making some good habits, our past sins haunt us from the inside out.

None of us are excepted; none of us are perfect. Everyone contributes to the problem of sin.

God has the solution in Jesus Christ. While we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). Christ did not die because of his sin. He had none. He was God in the flesh.

He died willingly to destroy the old man of sin. God forgives sins by his blood. His resurrection proved that death has no power over him. He lives forever.

He now offers the benefits of his death and resurrection to anyone who will trust in his finished work. His death, burial, and resurrection freely gives us the means to be part of a new creation, a new order if we would only believe.

God’s order is love, life, and peace. Sin chooses to reject him, reject life, and accept the turmoil.

Change your mind about sin and God. Trust in Jesus Christ and his death and resurrection on your behalf to provide you salvation from sin, death, and an eternal hell. Be a part of God’s order of righteousness, life, grace, and peace.

If you trust that Christ has done everything necessary for your salvation then you are a Bible believing Christian. Sin was your problem, but Jesus is your answer, he is your Saviour.

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Published: February 4, 2012
Last Modified: November 18, 2014
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