Salvation is Not a Club

Justin Johnson

There are clubs for almost every human interest, even religion.

To get into clubs you must do something, pay something, or be somebody important. After you’ve passed the entry requirements you have the exclusive honor of being a club member.

The higher the cost of the club, the more prestigious it is.

The local price club is easy to join. For only a few bucks a year you can get access to large jars of pickles and twenty pound boxes of bacon.

The pro football hall of fame, on the other hand, is much harder to get into, but much more prestigious.

Country clubs require you to behave and dress a certain way.
Rotary clubs require you to attend half their meetings if you want to be a member.
Many clubs are invitation only, and only the best are invited.

Church Clubs

Many religious places act like salvation is a club. To such folks it is only the privilege of the right kind of people: members in good standing.

Before you can be honored with salvation, you must clean up your act.

If you are going to join the church you must attend so many meetings per year.

To even be considered you must be obedient to be baptized or pay the 10% membership tithes. After all, we are not talking about bulk cereal and golf courses; heaven is on the table here.

The price of admission to these clubs is high so that they can maintain the honor of being a club church member. We don’t cuss, we don’t chew, and we don’t invite those that do.

Having salvation means they are a special breed, have done more pious works, or have gone to church more than the rest.

Salvation is a Handout

Salvation is not a club, it is a handout. Handouts do not exhibit the merits of the receiver, but the giver.

Clubs require the members to prove their merit to join. Handouts are given to those who must first admit their failure to earn it on their own.

Salvation is a gift of God only for the despicable, ungodly, sinful, and wretched people. The good news is that means all are able to receive it, if they can submit to it.

If you think you can pay your way with tithes, church attendance, and good behavior, then you do not qualify for God’s salvation.

God justifies the ungodly (Rom 4:5), not proud, arrogant, self-righteous religionists.

God’s church is not something you pick and join. Everybody God saves is in His church. Salvation is not a club, it is a handout. It must be received like someone who is in dire need of help. We’re all in need of such help from God.

People join clubs on their own merits. Membership cards can be held proudly as proof of what they accomplished to join.

When someone is saved, it is not on their own merits. The only proof of salvation is the bloody cross and the empty tomb of Jesus Christ.

By that blood being shed, your sins can be forgiven by Christ’s work. By his resurrection you can be granted eternal life, because of his righteousness.

Our Failure, God’s Gift

If God had a club, you wouldn’t qualify to join.

We have all fallen short of the glory of God. The price of his holiness is too high for us to pay. We cannot trust our attendance record, tithe account, or good behavior.

God himself cannot give salvation to those who try to earn it. Salvation is a handout, not a club.

Salvation is offered freely to all men who stop trusting their own works and instead, trust the finished work of Christ.

Stop trying to join a church “club” that offers you salvation at a price. The price is too high for you to pay, and you will end up trying to justify yourself in hell.

Take God’s free handout of salvation by trusting the Lord to save you by the work he already did on your behalf.

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Published: July 13, 2013
Last Modified: May 22, 2021
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