Child Evangelism at the Fair


Summer is nearly over and with it another summer schedule of evangelism work at local county fairs.

One thing that our fair volunteers enjoy is engaging in child evangelism. How do we do it? By giving out free children’s books that preach the gospel.

Many families attend local fairs for their children’s sake. With so many children around, it is no wonder that our children’s books are always popular.

Children can be saved, but it is hard to find children’s books with the clear gospel and right doctrine in them. We stock boxes of children’s books that contain both. This year we handed out hundreds of them at our three county fairs!

Children love to read stories. They can read these books and be saved by the clear gospel of grace inside.

Children love their parents to read to them. Parents, who would not otherwise read something from a church booth, will read these books to their children. Then, they can be saved from reading the gospel from these storybooks.

What a joy it is when parents come up and report that they enjoyed reading the book to their children!

These books have black and white line drawings for pictures and so we describe them as coloring books to the younger children. Children love coloring books.(Making the pictures black and white also allows the book to be made at a lower cost for mass handout.)

Children also love balloons. Every child gets a book and a balloon. The balloons have a gospel verse on them, a picture of the cross, and our name on it. Balloons are also a lot of fun.

Balloons and fairs go hand in hand, but balloons also do the job of being mobile billboards for our booth. As children walk around the fair with the balloons, parents who see them seek out our booth to get one for their own child. When they find us, they get a free book too.

The best way for children to hear and learn the gospel of Jesus Christ is from their parents. The children’s books help the parents do this with the sound doctrine they contain.

Our booths are not only for children. Most of the resources we offer are for adults, and while the children take books and balloons, the adults get handfuls of tracts.

The Bible says it is a joy to see children walking in the truth. This can begin with a child or parent walking away from our booth with a children’s book in their hands.

Child evangelism does not have to be hard. Make it simple and have fun with it. The fairs are fun. All it takes is someone willing to rent a space, setup a table, and supply it with free gospel material. Let the fun begin!

“And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.” – 2 Timothy 3:15

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Published: September 3, 2021
Last Modified: September 4, 2021
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