Mid Acts Dispensational Resources

It does not take a Ph.D to understand your Bible. Anyone can learn given the proper tools. Use the free resources in this section to help your family understand the Bible dispensationally and learn Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery.

Verse Lists

Charts and Whiteboards

Chart Lessons: Dispensational chart lessons are taught periodically throughout the year. Below are some charts and drawings used during our lessons.

Revealing the Mystery of Christ – Dispensational chart – A four panel roll fold dispensational chart that strategically hides the mystery of Christ until completely unfolded. Also includes explanations of right division and dispensational Bible study. The chart is printed on 80lb paper with a gloss coating. A portion of the back panel is left blank for personal or ministry branding. Read it here.
Interactive Dispensational Chart
God’s Plan for the Ages
Simple Chart of Dispensations
140323_board_thumb.gif – Whiteboard drawing used during a series on Baptism.
140809_article.jpg – A chart created for an article on history with and without Israel.
150104_board.png – A chart created for a lesson on Knowing the Lord Jesus Christ.
140809_article2.jpg – A chart created for an article on history with and without Israel.
120812_board.jpg – Whiteboard drawing used in a lesson about the Dual Purpose of the Cross.
131130_board.gif – Whiteboard drawing used during a series on the Local Church
130908_board_thumb.jpg – Whiteboard drawing used for a chart lesson comparing Jesus, Peter, and Paul.
130101_board01.jpg – By One Man – Whiteboard drawing used for lessons in Romans 5 and Genesis comparing Adam and Jesus.
121028_board.jpg – Whiteboard drawing used for a lesson about the sign of the return of the Lord.
120923_board.jpg – Whiteboard drawing used during lessons about the headship doctrine in 1 Cor 11:3

Other Grace Resources