List: 17 Reasons Israel’s Prophecies are not Being Fulfilled in this Dispensation

We live in a mystery dispensation where the operation of God on the Earth is significantly different than it was during the dispensation of his prophetic purpose to Israel. Below are reasons that Israel’s prophecies concerning the coming judgment and Earthly kingdom will not be fulfilled during this dispensation.

As better Bible teachers have said, to resolve the confusion of the “signs of the times” we must understand first the “times of the signs”. It is not until the time of this mystery dispensation is complete that the time of prophetic signs and fulfillment will continue according to God’s word.

  1. The mystery was kept secret
    If the mystery of Christ was kept secret during every prophetic utterance in since the world began, then prophecy cannot be what is happening during the mystery dispensation (Acts 3:21, Romans 16:25). What God hath separated let no man put together.
  2. What is foretold is not kept secret
    The end time events of judgment, kingdom, and prophetic fulfillment were foretold. If those prophesied days actually speak of days during the mystery dispensation then these days were spoken about before. This is contrary to the scripture when it speaks what is hidden and revealed.
  3. God’s gospel is different
    The gospel of the grace of God is free justification with no accompanying works. The kingdom gospel pertains to the new covenant which has required works of law written on their heart.
  4. God’s operation is different
    Some prophecies are about unbelievers, yet others require God’s intervention. The way he intervenes in prophecy is according to the promises and covenants. Yet, today God is not operating with humanity according to a covenants but by his grace.
  5. God’s people are different
    The church in prophecy was is the obedient nation of Israel. Today, the people of God are made up of Israel and Gentiles. There is neither Jew nor Greek. These are mutually exclusive.
  6. God’s representation is different
    Revelation and prophetic books talk about the priests of the Lord being the promised people of God. A characteristic of this dispensation is that there are no priests of the Lord. The church today as members of his body was not prophesied.
  7. God’s purpose is different
    The prophetic purpose was to set up God’s dominion on the Earth. That is not God’s purpose in this dispensation which is to build a new creature to inhabit heavenly dominions.
  8. Israel is fallen in this dispensation
    Romans 9-11 describe Israel’s spiritual fall. Prophetic fulfillment requires that Israel be given the position of spiritual and political prominence.
  9. Salvation is sent to the Gentiles
    Acts 28:28 tells plainly that salvation is sent to the Gentiles. Yet, according to prophecy the Jewish nation would be the evangelists of God’s salvation.
  10. We are delivered from wrath to come
    Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 1:10 that we are delivered from wrath to come. The prophesied wrath on the Earth was a result of the covenant relationship between God and his people.
  11. We are children of the day, not the night
    1 Thessalonians 5:1-9 says that those in the “night” time are looking for signs. We are not in that time, but are rather children of the “day” time in history. We are not appointed to the coming judgment.
  12. God is not imputing sins
    The coming judgment on the earth is justified by the imputation of trespasses on the world. However, at this time God is not imputing trespasses to anyone (2 Cor 5:19).
  13. It is the dispensation of God’s grace
    The only events remaining on God’s prophetic calendar refer to his declaration of war upon the world that declared war on him 2000 years ago. You can not offer terms of peace in the dispensation of grace while at the same time declaring war.
  14. Prophetic signs are global
    Some think the prophecies contain only specific prophecies such as the mark of the beast or the antichrist, when actually they include the whole earth. The worldwide nature of some of the prophecies indicates that the prophesies would directly affect any church that was on Earth.
  15. Prophecy is on a timetable
    This hidden dispensation has no prophetic timetable associated with it. Paul declares the beginning of his message as being “out of due time”. Prophetic fulfillment is foretold to the month and year.
  16. Prophecy is for Israel
    Prophecy was a privilege to the nation Israel who required signs (1 Cor 1:22). There is no Israel today. It will be Israel’s prophets that will be sent to witness to the world during that time.
  17. Israel today is not God’s Israel
    Most point to 1948 creation of the state of Israel as a fulfillment of prophecy. However, these people who were gathered together by geopolitical forces reject the Messiah. Though they could many choose not to be saved by God’s grace without the law. Indeed, that message remains an offense to them. They are not the remnant of Israel that began at Pentecost.
Editor’s note:
This is an incomplete list of reasons why Israel’s prophecy is not being fulfilled today, but it emphasizes the doctrine of the difference between what was prophesied and what was kept secret (mystery).

Prophetic fulfillment will happen as literally as the Bible declares it to be. Many tell stories of prophetic fulfillment and use exaggerated language to ascribe Bible proof texts. This is not proper Bible application and should be avoided.