When You’re Alone

This originally appeared as an email delivered on
Saturday, June 10th, 2017.

The old saying is that you know a man’s character by what he does when no one else is watching.

What you do when you’re alone and do not get praise or punishment proves your true intent, integrity, and mettle.

The same goes for when there is no church around you. Do you give up, make excuses, and compromise? Or do you endeavor, look for opportunity, and pioneer.

Churches start from a group of like-minded saints zealous to establish a ministry to uphold and affirm the truth.

Saints become like-minded by doing Bible study together.

Bible study together occurs when two or more saved people are interested in growing in God’s word.

People get saved by somoene else preaching the gospel to them out of love. This is where it all begins. Church ministries grow from personal ministries.

If you won’t do ministry when you are alone and without a church. What makes you think you would do ministry if you did have a church?

Or perhaps you are waiting for someone else to do the work. Don’t worry, no one is watching.

The old saying is right.

For Your Growth,

Justin “start somewhere” Johnson

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