Email Tips: This is Not Medical Advice

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, August 27th, 2022 .

The Bible is full of spiritual understanding from God.

It describes the spiritual part of man.
It describes the spiritual problems of man.
It describes the spiritual prescriptions for man.
It describes the spiritual panacea for man.

Christians are told to prepare for ministry through study of the word of God increasing in spiritual understanding and wisdom.

As ministers of the word of God we should become as spiritual doctors discerning and diagnosing spiritual problems and prescribing the spiritual treatment.

Spiritual problems can affect how we think about ourselves, make judgments, respond to adversity or temptation, and how we relate to other people. These problems concern the mind, soul, and spirit – what the Bible calls the inner (or immaterial) man.

To think that issues of the mind are always physiological is to be blind to the reality of the spirit and soul. In other words, it denies the word of God.

Spiritual problems cannot be solved with the tools of observable science and medicine. They can only be fixed by His Spirit, His words, and His body.

But you are more than a body, and taking advice from a medical doctor or psychiatrist about your mind, soul, and spirit is like asking a car mechanic to do open heart surgery. They don’t have the tools.

If your body has problems, you need a physician.
If the problem concerns your inner man, trust the word of God.

For Truth,

Justin Curtis Johnson

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