Inconvenient Thing #13 – Haters of God

Justin Johnson

Romans 1:28 lists 25 inconvenient things that describe humanity as a result of their reprobate minds. Number 13 on the list is “haters of God”.

The most recent display of public hatred against God is the atheists that invaded bestselling book lists a few years ago and the attention of the media.

Using vitriolic language and emotional appeal these talented rhetoricians motivate mobs of young people to hate God and his words.

Unfortunately, their arguments are inconvenient as they lack substantial logic, spiritual understanding, or novelty. Their forms of hatred have been expressed already throughout history.

By pointing to God’s own condemnation of evil they attempt to present God as a nuisance to society. Contrarily, they prove that in order to make claims of right and wrong a righteous judgment is necessary to reveal wrongdoing.

Quieter Hatred

Although these anti-theists speak openly about their hatred, there is a more subtle form of hatred that exists in our flesh.

Being sons of Adam we are all born in natural rebellion against God. Furthermore, the law of God shines its light on our actions and exposes our sin as exceedingly sinful.

When people hear the consequence of righteous judgment against their sin, they choose to harden their hearts toward God and water the seeds of hatred.

The Old Man Hates the New Man

Hatred is even more casually accommodated when the word of God seeks to reprove the passions of our flesh teaching us to live godly lives (Titus 2:11-12).

The carnal mind is enmity with God (Rom 8:7). Our old man, with its selfish pursuits, hates when the word of God directs us to serve God instead of ourselves (2 Cor 5:14-15).

This strong preference for our own way when faced with God’s will for godly living is the germ of hatred towards God.

Let us not fall into this subtle selfish trap, but instead constantly bring our bodies into subjection and reckon its passions long dead (Rom 6:11).

Having crucified our flesh by faith in Christ we have exchanged our vain pursuits for the eternally valuable pursuits of life and truth. By reckoning our flesh dead we can then operate from the love of God instead of subtle hatred of his will for us.

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Published: September 4, 2010
Last Modified: September 7, 2016
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