Graduation Advice in Ecclesiastes

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Saturday, June 3rd, 2017.

Every young person should read Ecclesiastes. It makes a great graduation book.

Ecclesiastes means “preacher” and it is a journal written by Solomon dedicated to the next generation (see “my son” in Ecc 12:12).

In it he chronicles his life’s search for meaning, purpose, and profit under the sun. This seems to be exactly what young graduates are setting out to do.

Solomon obtained more wisdom, wealth, experience, and observation than any one in his time and yours. He has “been there and done that”, doing both what was right and also disobeying God to do whatever his heart desired.

His exploits cover the depths of life’s vanity, and identify the things that are good and enjoyable, and the things that are dead ends, out of reach, or uncontrollable.

In the end, wisdom leads him to the conclude what is the “whole duty of man” and what young people ought to remember as they move forward in life.

Do you want to know how to approach a life of endless possibilities, filled with uncertainty, unanswered questions, and potential for wrong choices? Consult Solomon’s wisdom, and learn how to prepare for life’s vanities.

His thoughts can save you from a lot of trouble, wrong turns, and wasted time.

Find our thirteen week chapter by chapter study through Ecclesiastes here.

After Ecclesiastes turn to another preacher’s advice to the next generation in Paul’s letters to Timothy. There you can learn how to do a good work not in vain for the Lord that excels anything Solomon could discover.

For Tomorrow,

Justin “looking ahead” Johnson

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