Are You Prepared to Graduate?

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Saturday, May 18th, 2024.

It’s graduation time! That time of year which is also a time of life and a rite of passage for those that go through it and find themselves in “real life”.

It is also a time when important questions get asked frequently about yourself and your future that you might feel unprepared to answer.

“Do you know where you will go? Do you know what you will do? What now?”

It can be jarring to realize the truth that your course of study up to this point has not prepared you to answer these questions. (You enjoyed the extra-curriculars more anyway.)

Yes, you took algebra, world history, and speech class, but that information does not tell you anything about who you are, which direction you should go, and how to achieve success in life.

It only prepared you to do more school. (It is not a surprise, that those who “got the grade” graduate school only to continue life with more school.)

Others were told the myth that the purpose of all that study was to get a good career. So, they commence the pursuit of that goal: to change the world with their career.

There is a God-given course of study that does prepare you to learn about who you are, defines a certain path to glory, gives you strength to respond to challenges, and wisdom to identify and obtain true success in life.

That curriculum is found in the most printed book in history, but most school curriculums do not concern themselves with even a single course in the study of the Bible.

Proverbs was written for a son to graduate in wisdom under the law. Paul speaks of the wisdom in Christ necessary for us to be no more children.

Ecclesiastes was written by the wealthiest man who ever lived who pursued the course of the world and then came back to write about it with the wisdom of God.

Jesus literally said he was the way, truth, and life. It would seem like any course of study needed to graduate unto life should include a detailed explanation and understanding of Jesus Christ. Of course, this is dismissed as the realm of the religious, not reality (truth).

Romans reveals the gospel of salvation and the spiritual walk that brings eternal peace, joy, and hope. All things a “good career” could never promise.

Instead of trying to get into the mind of a billionaire, inventor, or professor to find success, the book of Philippians gives you the mind of Christ. For those with ears to hear, the treasures of wisdom coming from the Creator and Saviour are worth much more.

Guidance counselors don’t guide anyone into being a minister of the gospel upon graduation (high schools don’t prepare for that). Nor does anyone explain how to walk after the Spirit, exhibit charity, serve the Lord, or be counted faithful.

This is good information that could change people’s lives but is not seen as the most important things.

While you will only be in school for a short time, you will serve the Lord forever. While you were still in school, didn’t the question naturally arise, “Why do I need to know this?” Perhaps you need a better course of study. (

Most people stumble through life questioning if they are on the right path. They don’t start to consider what God says about it until something terrible forces them or they start to get old. If you want to graduate with confidence and a true advantage, give yourself to the study of God and his grace in the Bible rightly divided.

This is what God would have children learn in preparation for graduation unto good works (2 Tim 3:15-17). Our church ministry has spent years preparing people to graduate unto this kind of work. (See the links above.) All it required was attendance and approved study of the right book.

Congratulations on your graduation! If you feel you were not prepared for life, go and study the book of life that is able to provide more understanding than the ancients after all their graduations.

For your worthy preparation unto good works,

Justin “spiritual guidance counselor” Johnson

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