None of us can do it alone. We need the strength of God in our inner man. This section will be utilized for the edification of the church, the body of Christ, and the edifying of itself in love. By these posts you will begin to know the love of Christ and be encouraged to stand fast in the faith.

The Word Of God And Prayer

In Every Thing Pray

Pray For Christ’s Sake

The Joy of Gardening

Prayer Is Spiritual

Romans 8:35-39

Praying God’s Will

Romans 8:31-34

Prayer Perspective

Romans 8:29-30

Teach Me To Pray

Teach Me to Pray

Romans 8:26-28

God’s Tools for Edification

The Spirit’s Witness

Romans 8:18-23

Revisiting the Anointing

Romans 8:13-16

Romans 8:9-14

Be Spiritual

Romans 8:5-9

Romans 7:25-8:1

Romans 7:1-6

Pressing On In 2024

How Shall We Live?

Romans 6:12-14

Romans 6:8-11

Help with Healing

Romans 6:5-7

Grace Living Made Simple

Romans 5:15-21

Romans 5:12-14

Romans 5:9-11

Seminar 2023: 03 – Ministry Understanding

Seminar 2023: 08 – Ministry Fruit

Seminar 2023: 05 – Ministry Exhortation

Seminar 2023: 04 – Ministry Growth

Seminar 2023: 02 – Ministry and Church

Seminar 2023: 01 – Ministry Breakdown

Romans 5:3-5

Romans 5:1-2

God So Loved

Romans 3:27-28

The Christian Delusion

Coming Together in Person

Chart Lesson: Starting From Scratch

Romans 2:11-16

How to Fix Your Marriage (Or Your Future One)

Romans 2:7-11

The Benefits Of Repetition

The Mind of Christ in Philippians – Part 2

The Mind of Christ in Philippians – Part 1

Things of the Spirit

What Is The Fellowship Of The Mystery

Chart: Mystery of His Will

Romans 1:8-15

Jesus Reveals the Mystery

2 Timothy 4:16-22

2 Timothy 4:11-13

2 Timothy 4:9-11

2 Timothy 4:8

2 Timothy 4:7-8

Pressing On in 2023

New Year of Life in Christ

2 Timothy 4:6-7

2 Timothy 4:4-5

Philemon: For Love’s Sake

2 Timothy 4:3-5

What Did Jesus Do

The Christian Struggle

2 Timothy 4:1

The Will of God Performed

Pray Before You Study the Bible

Seminar 2022: 08 – Good and Faithful Servant

Seminar 2022: 07 – God has a reason … and you should know why

Seminar 2022: 06 – God has called you … but you hung up

God’s Reason for You to Read This Email

Seminar 2022: 05 – How God works in your life … is not by experience

Seminar 2022: 04 – What God is doing today … is not what he has always done

Seminar 2022: 03 – God’s perfect plan for your life … starts with ending yours

Seminar 2022: 02 – The mystery of His will … does not require you

Seminar 2022: 01 – Seeking the will of God … needs to stop

Doors Open Next Weekend in Kokomo

Questions About God’s Calling

Blessed Assurance

God’s Perfect Plan for Your Life

2 Timothy 3:11-13

2 Timothy 3:10

Discipleship Confusion

This is Not Medical Advice

2 Timothy 3:8-10

2 Timothy 3:6-9

Science Falsely So Called

Seminar: What is God Doing Today

2 Timothy 3:5

Mental Illness and the Mind of Christ

2 Timothy 3:2-4

2 Timothy 2:24-26

2 Timothy 2:22-23

Evangelism Through the Bible

2 Timothy 2:20-21

The #1 Way to Prevent Abortion

2 Timothy 2:19

A Father’s Responsibility

2 Timothy 2:15-16

2 Timothy 2:14-15

2 Timothy 2:11-13

2 Timothy 2:10

Paul as a Mother

2 Timothy 2:9

Trivial Pursuits

You First

2 Timothy 2:7-8

2 Timothy 2:3-6

2 Timothy 2:2

Hope, Rightly Divided

2 Timothy 2:1-2

Why I Love the Bible

2 Timothy 1:15-18

The Knowledge of God

2 Timothy 1:12-14

2 Timothy 1:11-12

The Wrong Reaction to Legalism

Grace Ambassadorship to Ukraine and Russia

2 Timothy 1:10

2 Timothy 1:9 Pt 2

2 Timothy 1:9

2 Timothy 1:8

Bible Rules Nobody Follows

2 Timothy 1:7-8

2 Timothy 1:2-5

2 Timothy 1:1-2

Pressing On in 2022

Signs of His Coming

Seminar 2021: 08 – Walk Toward the Mark

Seminar 2021: 07 – Walk Worthy of the Lord

Seminar 2021: 06 – Walk Worthy of the Vocation

Seminar 2021: 05 – Walk After the Spirit

Seminar 2021: 04 – Walk as Dead

Seminar 2021: 03 – Walk by Faith

Seminar 2021: 02 – Walk in Him

Seminar 2021: 01 – You Can Walk

How to Use Prayer

Religious Liberty and Conscience

You Are a Church Member

The End Never Justifies the Means

7 Habits of Strong Christians

Christians Behaving Badly

Reward and Loss

To Judge or Not To Judge

You and the Law

You Only Live Once

Bible Not To You

Fruit Unto God

Profitable Bible Study

What Motivates You

This is the Will of God

Complete in Christ

The Unfinished Work

The Pauline Foundation

Pressing On in 2021

Every Wind of Doctrine

Be Ye Followers of Paul

Paul: Our Pattern, Part 2

Paul: Our Pattern

Who’s Your Leader

Voting Under Grace

Every 4 Years

Seminar 2020: 08 – You Are an Ambassador of Grace

Seminar 2020: 07 – You Are a Member of His Body

Seminar 2020: 06 – You Are a Son of God

Seminar 2020: 05 – You Are Spiritual

Seminar 2020: 04 – You Are Free

Seminar 2020: 03 – You Are a Saint

Seminar 2020: 02 – You Are in Christ

Seminar 2020: 01 – Identifying Who You Are

Young and Necessary

Young and Zealous

Young and Courageous

Young and Wise

Choosing a Life of Ministry

Saved and Serving

Chart Lesson: Suffering and Glory

Thinking Too Much About the News

Thinking Dispensationally About the News

Christian Thinking About the News

When Christians Die

Thinking Biblically About the News

Thinking About the News

Before Throwing Off Governments

Liberty and Righteousness

A World Without Fathers

Race, Grace, and Injustice

Liberty, License, Lockdowns, and Grace

What is More Important Than Your Life

Will Jesus Return Now?

God Was Not in the Fire

Grace Preparation for a Crisis

Living Through Distress

Healing and Infirmities

The Coronavirus Fear and Christian Courage

What We Have in Common

Having Hope

The Sufficient Grace of Jesus Christ

Judgment Seat of Christ

How Do I Minister in the Church

How to Comfort

Rebuke, Reproof, Correction

2 Corinthians 8:12-16


Separation At Home

Sanctification and Honor

2 Corinthians 7:4-12



Repentance and Apology

Forbearance & Longsuffering

Godliness And Humility

Thanksgiving and Grace

Adoption & Sonship

Joy and Rejoicing

Godly Conversation

Lessons You Should be Learning at Home

Chart Lesson: Food and Family Throughout the Bible

Home Ministry

Godly Marriages

Children and Ministry

Men and Ministry

Women and Ministry

The Function of a Family

Family and Ministry

Where’s Your Miracle?

Pursuing Marriage in Christ

Chart Lesson: Catch You Up

2 Corinthians 2:12-14

Old Man vs. New Man

5 Things Every Christian Should Know

Pressing On In 2019

Helpful Prayer

How to Sow to the Spirit

Seminar 2018:08 – After Salvation

How to Grow as a Christian – Lesson 6

How to Grow as a Christian – Lesson 5

How to Grow as a Christian – Lesson 4

How to Grow as a Christian – Lesson 3

How to Grow With Paul

How to Grow as a Christian

How to Grow as a Christian

How Peculiar Are You?

Colossians Book Summary – Lesson 5

Ephesians 5:25-33 – A Great Mystery and Marriage

Grace Purposes in the Heart

Ephesians 5:21-27 – Wives and Husbands

Ephesians 5:15-21

The Grace Response to Sin

How to Preach the Love of God in Christ

Ephesians 4:25-32

What Makes Us Not Normal

Putting On the New Man

What is Legalism

Ephesians 3:13-18

6 Reasons I Need Christ Every Day

By You

Get Your Exercise

Doctrine for the Real World – Part 2

Doctrine for the Real World

Your Holy Calling

Praying in Vain

Bernie Sanders and Paul

When You’re Alone

Graduation Advice in Ecclesiastes

Continue In Christ

Inconvenient Thing #11 – Whisperers

The Judgment Seat of Christ

Manliness is Not Godliness

Good Behavior in the Church

1 Timothy 5:1-8 – Respect and Honour

Pressing On 2017

What You Can Do

Unorganized Religion

Obeying Christ’s Commission

Walking in the Spirit Before Paul

Removing Religious Chains

God Is Not Mocked

An Upside Down World

Is This Election Driving You Mad?

How Are You Doing?

An Ambassador’s Vote

1 Timothy 2:3-4

How to Change Our Country

God’s Voice or Satan’s Voice

1 Timothy 2:1-3

Church Responsibility

God Ordained Powers That Be

The State of the World

An Ambassador’s Political Point of View

Made in God’s Image

Jesus Never Prayed the Lord’s Prayer

Praying in Jesus’ Name

Showing Grace Toward Others

Why Don’t You Pray?

Edifying the Body in Love

Start Grace Living

How to Be a Wise Man

Grace and Legalism

Problems with Identity

Thirteen Colonies, Thirteen Epistles

Where’s the Love?

Unashamed Hope

The Problem in Orlando

Things I Was Wrong About

Graduating with Grace

Most Controversial Doctrines in Church

Be Sanctified

Continuing Instant in Prayer

Home Ministry

Proverbs Under Law

Fruit of the Spirit

Do It Now!

Walking in the Spirit

Is God Ruling the World Today?

Let the Spirit Move You

Dressing the Part

How the Holy Ghost Works

The Mystery of Godliness

Give More Than Love

Seminar 2015: 05 – Start Grace Living

Seminar 2015: 04 – Start Working

Seminar 2015: 01 – Start with the Right Heart

Are You the Weaker Brother?

Weak in the Faith

You Are Not Alone

The Churches of Family and Friends

The Law of Christ

The End of the Law

God’s Priority and Intervention

How Does God Answer Prayer?

How do we respond to evil in the world?

Benefits of the Believer

Christ As King

A Better Hope than Healing

Spiritual Discipline

How to Walk After the Spirit

Remembering What Works In You

Who You Are In Christ

Who You Are In Christ

Selfishness and Grace

Genesis 40-41

10am Q & A Session (July 5, 2015)

Has God Blessed America?

God Shed His Grace on Thee

Does Christ Make You Happy?

Sowing and Reaping

Philippians 4:10-23

Grace Giving vs Grace Taking

Hypocrisy and Grace

The Hypocrisy of the Unbeliever

Your Rule for Living

This One Thing I Do

Philippians 3:14-15

How to Glory in Infirmities

How God Helps in Suffering

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear… About Healing

Will God Heal Me?

Walking By Faith, Not Sight

Don’t Waste Your Life

Why God Allows Bad Things to Happen

Why God Allows Bad Things to Happen

Fat Tuesday and Fleshly Fasting

Philippians 1:9-11

Walk Not By Sight

Our Corinthian Problem

Genesis 24 – The Marriage of Isaac

Recognize God’s Voice

The Devil Made Me Do It

Crucified Relationship Advice

It Is Well

3 Steps to Walking Worthy

Why Pray

How God Speaks

College Ministry

Rejoicing In Resurrection

Be a Giver, Not a Taker

Life After Death

God and Suffering

Know Where You Lack

Stop Waiting on the Lord

Putting Grace to Work

How to Make Tents: Our Earthly Vocation

The Career Path of an Ambassador

Christ Teaches Us to Be Good

Genesis 9:18-29 – Noah’s Sons and Racism

Taught By Christ

The Missing Ingredient in Christian Ministries

Why We Are Separate

Stop Pretending to Be a Sinner

Self Ministry and Family Ministry

Paul as a Mother

Genesis 2:15-25 – The First Man and Wife

Why God Created All Things

Redeeming the Culture vs. Redeeming the Time

Works We Should Do

Praying the Impossible

Seminar 2013: 04 – God’s Will is Not Your Will

Prayers of Comfort

Praying for You…

Joint-Heirs with Christ

When Grace Fails in Bad Times

The Grace Reason to Do Good

Putting the 99% to Work

Romans 13:1-5 – Resisting God’s Ministers

Romans 13:1 – Subject to Higher Powers

Romans 12:10-21

All Things are God’s

5 Bible Cures for Christian Racism

The Way Children Should Grow

Four Stages of Biblical Growth

Paul as a Father

Who Do You Respect?

Sample Prayers Before Meals

Malachi 2:10-17

Sheep Are Not Conquerors

Some Things to Think About

Romans 8:35-9:5 – Prayer and the Spirit’s Help

How Things Work Together for Good

Know Sin is Present

Adorn the Doctrine

What Good Works Look Like

Stop Searching for God’s Will

A Personal Relationship With Jesus

Sin and Your Identity in Christ

Romans 6:5-14

How We Learn Christ

What the Lord Has Done

A Grace Response to the Apocalypse

Your Friends Will Call You Crazy

How Faith Grows

Good Works Under Grace

Thank God

How Ambassadors Respond to Elections

Receiving Rebuke

Grace and Marriage

The Headship Verse

Children in Understanding

Pray or Die

Romans 1:8-15 – Paul’s Prayer

God’s Plan for Whom?

Two Adams and Positional Truth

10 Reasons 2 Chronicles 7:14 is not About You

Using Prayer Without a Covenant

Your Child-Like Faith Needs to Grow Up

Where Right Dividers Can Get Stuck

Living the Grace Life

When Loved Ones Die

Why the Old Man Hates To Read the Bible

Teach the Children

1 Corinthians 11:1-13

Spouse Ministry

What is a Youth, Anyway?

Be Content

The Mystery of Spiritual Growth

Every Member Has a Part

Inconvenient Thing #12: Backbiting

God Called You

How to Deal With Sin

The Ignorant Natural Man

What No Law Can Do

What It Means To Be A Christian

Hope Through Suffering

The Secret to Loving the Lord

Racial Segregation and Religion

Freedom Starts in the Church

USA’s Covenant with God

How to Judge

When God Hears Our Prayers

Paul’s Prayers

Praying for Other People

Taking the Mystery out of Understanding God’s Will

Prayer as a Performance

Prayer Mechanics

Day By Day Renewal

How Prayers are Answered

God’s Calling and Your Vocation

What to Pray For

Ministry Through Tragedy

How Prayer Works

How Prayer Works

God’s Plan For You

Prayer Works!

Spiritual Blessings in a Natural World

Peaceful Resistance to World Governments

I Know God’s Will for Your Life

Colossians 4:2-3 Prayer and Open Doors

Charity vs. Love

Colossians 3:18-25

Stabilized in Christ

Talking to Family or Friends

Inconvenient Thing #13 – Haters of God

How to Win a Doctrinal Argument

My Saviour, Tis of Thee

Too Many “Scholars”

The Number One Killer of Grace Ministries

Tools of a Grace Believer

Praise God

Pray Without Ceasing

Thou Shalt Not Judge!

Investing in Christ with Money

The Biggest Fools

Our Identity in Christ

God’s Will for Your Life

Christ Hath Made Us Free

The Formula for Experiencing God

Inconvenient Thing #19 – “Without Understanding”

List: Popular Reasons for Unanswered Prayer

The Comfort of God

The Grace Life and Death

What Grace Living Means

As Ye Have Received … So Walk

I Conquer All (Through Christ)

The Use of Prayer

Prayer Confusion

Giving Thanks is the Will of God

Every Day God

God vs. the Majority

God Knows the Future

Men of God

Case Study: The Lord’s Prayer

Why Do Bad Things Happen

The Bible Is Not Relevant

College Students Abandon Church

A Blissful Thought

The Mystery of His Will

Which Church Should I Attend?

God’s Calling For You