Introduction to Mid-Acts Dispensational Right Division

Rightly Dividing Your Bible

While the entire Bible was inspired by God for our benefit, it is not all written to the same people. God spoke different things to different people at different times. Every time it was according to his two-fold purpose.

The key to understanding the Bible hinges on our ability to discern what is written to us and what is not. This is what is meant by right division of the Bible.

Dispensation of Prophecy and Mystery

The majority of scripture contains doctrine and instruction written primarily about God’s plan for dominion over the earth through his nation Israel. We call this the prophetic dispensation of God. It is the part of God’s eternal purpose which was spoken about since the world began through his prophets.

Later, God raised up Paul to dispense his hidden wisdom. By his grace, Jesus declared Paul the apostle of the Gentiles and gave to him the revelation of the mystery which speaks about a new creature in Christ. In Paul’s writing alone we find the ‘doctrine, position, walk, and destiny of the church’. We call this the mystery dispensation of God since it was kept secret since the foundation of the world.

The Key to Understanding God’s Will

Rightly dividing the prophecy dispensations from the mystery is the key to understanding your Bible and God’s will to you. Our Lord Jesus declared through Paul the gospel of grace that is essential for eternal life today.

This primary distinction in bible study eliminates much of the doctrinal confusion that exists today. At the same time it opens up the scripture to be understood and utilized like many have never known before.