Why God Allows Bad Things to Happen

This series of lessons was taught between March and May 2015. The theme was God’s intervention. The series covered topics such as the presence of suffering, the silence of God, miracles, special healing, and why God allows bad things to happen.

Lesson Name Audio Outline
1. Why God Allows Bad Things to Happen MP3 Outline
2. Why God Kills People MP3 Outline
3. Miracles and Israel MP3 Outline
4. Why God is Silent MP3 Outline
5. Chart: When God Speaks MP3 Outline
6. Walking By Faith, Not By Sight MP3 Outline
7. Will God Heal Me MP3 Outline
8. How God Helps in Suffering MP3 Outline
9. How to Glory in Infirmities MP3 Outline

You can find more resources on God’s intervention here, suffering here, and prayer here.

These lessons were originally published in the weekly Grace Ambassadors Update sent free to subscribers.