Email Tips: Know the Heresies

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, February 20th, 2016 .

It is useful for you to be aware of historical heresies in Christianity.

Old heresies, especially those addressed very early in history, have a habit of returning with the claim of being something new. There is not much new under the sun with Christian heresy.

In history heresies are considered contrary to essential teachings of Christianity from the Bible.

Jesus Christ not being God manifest in the flesh was considered a heresy.

Denying the one God of the Bible in three persons with every deity attribute was considered a heresy.

Rejecting the Bible inspired and preserved by God as our final authority was considered a heresy.

Preaching the gospel that saves is not the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ for our sins was considered heresy.

Mid-Acts Pauline dispensational right division is not considered a Christian heresy. I know that having studied the heresies.

Just because mid-Acts right division is different from the majority in some way, does not mean it is acceptable to hold to Christian heresies.

What if the ancient heretics were really not? How do we know?

We know by studying the Bible rightly divided. We do not assume the doctrine of heretics, simply because it is against the majority.

A teaching is not considered right nor wrong simply because it was held by the majority.

Know the ancient heresies, and know why they were called so from scripture. This will protect you from the online renewal of every wind of heretical doctrine.

For His glory,

Justin “against heresy” Johnson

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