Children: Sanctification – Who We Are

Lesson: Sanctification II -Who we are (Positional Truth)

We are separated from this world: Rom 6:6, Gal 2:20, Eph 2:2-6; 4:22

This is a positional truth (since we already talked about our conditional truth in past lessons; we did not emphasize our conditional truth – also for not wanting to crowd the main point of the lesson. For an adult lesson on this topic click here.)

Who we are: Col 3:1-15, Rom 6, Eph 5:30
Read the book ‘It’s Fun to Choose

We are responsible for every decision that we make from something as simple as what to eat to obeying our parents, from what shirt to wear to choosing how to treat others.

Driving the point home:
– Kids chose a folded paper from the box; each paper had an animal on it. And like, the game-they acted it out and everyone else guessed what they were.
– Then asked the kids, “Why does a monkey eat bananas and swing from trees? Why does a bird chirp and fly in the sky?”
Answer: Because it is a monkey, that’s what monkeys do. Because it is a bird, that’s what birds do.
– “Why doesn’t a dog ‘quack’ or a cat ‘moo’?” Answer: Because a dog isn’t a duck and a cat isn’t a cow
– What if a football player came into your class room and started acting like the teacher and teaching the class, grading all your homework? Would that be something a football player does? No, a teacher does that; a football player throws a ball, runs down the field, and tackles players.

WE CHOOSE to make right decisions (clean our rooms, do our homework, treat others with kindness, obey our parents and elders) because that is who we are! We are sanctified unto good works. A saved person should not choose to act like they are unsaved because that is not who they are. We should choose to act like who we are in Christ.

(Sing to the tune of ‘Down by the Bay’)
I’m sanctified (I’m sanctified)
I no longer live (I no longer live)
But Christ in me (But Christ in me)
Is who I am (is who I am)
Not of this world (Not of this world)
My old man has died (My old man has died)
So… (insert example of a choice here)
‘Cause I’m sanctified!

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