Children: Red Light, Green Light

Lesson: Red light green light

A traffic light gives 2 contradicting instructions at the same time. Both messages are right to the people they are directed at.
• Definition of contradiction: an opposite statement (not a mistake)

We have to know which instruction is given to us. Are we to stop or are we to go? These contradicting instructions are given to certain people at certain places, for certain times. If the red light people were to follow the green lights instructions you would have chaos, things would be confusing, people would get hurt.

This same effect happens when we do not apply discernment in what instructions are written to us or for other people at a different times. Went through some examples of contradicting verses (not mistakes).

• Judging Mat 7:1-2/1Cor 2:15
• Work for food Luke 12:29/2Thes 3:10
• Which one luke 10:4-5/Luke22:35-36
• Faith or works Rom4:5/Jam2:24
• Salvation to whom Mat10:6/Titus 2:11
• Which one Joel 3:10/Mic4:3
• Answered prayers? Mat7:8/2Cor 12:8-9

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