Glory In The Cross

Jesus Is Dispensational

How to Read the Bible Dispensationally

The State of Israel

Conflict in Israel and God’s Blessing

No Hope In Hell

Rom 4:13-17

Romans 4:9-12

Romans 4:3-8

Romans 4:1-3

Romans 3:29-31

Romans 3:27-28

How Christ Died for All

Romans 3:19-21

Romans 3:9-20

Romans 3:5-9

Romans 3:1-4

Romans 2:25-29

Romans 2:16-25

Chart Lesson: Starting From Scratch

Romans 2:11-16

Romans 2:7-11

Romans 2:5-11

What Is The Fellowship Of The Mystery

Rightly Dividing the Old and New Testaments

Jesus: The Transfiguration

Jesus: The Night He Was Betrayed

Romans 1:7

Jesus Reveals the Mystery

Romans 1:3-6

Romans 1:1-5

Jesus: Death of a Testator

Jesus: God Manifest in the Flesh

Jesus: Kingdom Mysteries

Jesus: Prophesied Life

Jesus: Minister of the Circumcision

The Earthly Ministry of Jesus Christ

How Grace and Truth Came

This Is My Body

What Did Jesus Do

Chart: What God Says To Eat

2 Timothy 4:1

2 Timothy 4:1

Grace, Grace, Everywhere

Discipleship Confusion

2 Timothy 3:8-10

Slaying the Dragon

2 Timothy 3:1

The Foundation of God

An Embarrassing Verse in Mark

Let the Straw Man Burn!

Hope, Rightly Divided

The Remnant and Paul

Remnant Ministry

The Born Again Nation

Covenant Forgiveness

The Israel Question

New Testament Israel

The Remnant Prophecies

Chart: Important Bible Distinctions

Bible Rules Nobody Follows

Why They Killed Jesus

Signs of His Coming

Isaiah 66:21-24

The Lord’s Supper and the New Testament

Isaiah 66:10-21

Chart: Mysteries and Covenants

Isaiah 66:1-9

Adam’s Transgression

Isaiah 65:11-25

The Law of Moses

Isaiah 65:1-10

The Seed Of David

Isaiah 64:5-12

Abraham’s Seed

Isaiah 64:1-4

Covenant Lessons

Isaiah 63

Isaiah 62

Isaiah 61:2-11

Isaiah 61:1-3

Isaiah 60

Isaiah 59

Chart: Where is the Lord

Isaiah 58

Isaiah 57

Isaiah 56:1-8

The Kingdom That Never Came

Isaiah 55:4-12

Isaiah 55:1-3

Isaiah 54

Isaiah 53:11-12

Isaiah 53:10-11

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Isaiah 53:8-9

Isaiah 53:7-8

Isaiah 53:6

Isaiah 53:5

Isaiah 53:4-5

You and the Law

Isaiah 53:1-3

Isaiah 52:13-15

Isaiah 52

Isaiah 51:17-23

Isaiah 51:1-16

Isaiah 50

Isaiah 49:7-26

Isaiah 49:1-7

Isaiah 48

Isaiah 47

Explaining the Book of Acts

Isaiah 45:17-25

Isaiah 45:1-17

Isaiah 45:1

Faith and Works

The Death of Charismatic Pentecostalism

Isaiah 44

The Unfinished Work

Isaiah 43: 18-28

Isaiah 43:1-18

Isaiah 42:13-25

Isaiah 42:1-12

Isaiah 41

Isaiah 40:6-31

Isaiah 40:1-5

Isaiah 39

Isaiah 38

Isaiah 37

Isaiah 36

Isaiah 34-35

Isaiah 33

Isaiah 31-32

Isaiah 30

Isaiah 29

Chart Lesson: Jews, Gentiles, and You

Isaiah 28

Isaiah 27

Isaiah 26

Isaiah 25

Isaiah 24

Isaiah 23

Isaiah 22

Isaiah 21

Isaiah 20

Isaiah 18-19

Isaiah 17

Isaiah 15-16

Isaiah 14:1-23

The Babylon Prophecy

Isaiah 13

Isaiah 12

Isaiah 11:1-10

Isaiah 10:5-34

Isaiah 9:8 – 10:4

Isaiah 9:1-8

Isaiah 8

Survey: New Testament References of Isaiah

Isaiah 7

Will Jesus Return Now?

Grace Excels Over Pentecostal Powers

Isaiah 3

Isaiah 2:10-22

Isaiah 2:1-9

Isaiah 1:10-17

Isaiah 1:1-9

The Gospel and the Kingdom

The Coming Day

The Day At Hand

Israel Is Blind

Future Israel Is Spiritual Israel

Spiritual Things Do Not Make You Israel

Hebrew Epistles Are To Spiritual Israel

You Are Not Spiritual Israel

You Are Not Spiritual Israel

13 Reasons to Re-Think Your Ministry Beginning and Pattern

2 Corinthians 3:6 – Part 2

The Church Before the Church: Who Were They?

2 Corinthians 3:6

The Good, the Better, and Much More

Fulness of the Gentiles

Leviticus Curses and Confession

The Song of Moses

Seminar 2018:07 – When is Salvation Complete

One Sheep One Fold

How to Use the Red Letters – Part 3

How to Use the Red Letters – Part 2

How to Use the Red Letters

Hebrews Wasn’t Written to You

Peter, James, and John Were Not Talking to You

Acts 2:38 is Not the Preaching of the Cross

Not Identified With the Holy Ghost

Hardly Known Bible Events III: A Remnant Returns

Hardly Known Bible Events II: Israel’s Captivity

Important (Yet Hardly Known) Bible Events

23 Reasons Date Setters Should Be Fired

Should We Bless Israel

Looking for Signs

Respecting The Remnant

The Third Thing You Failed to See

We’re All Going to Die. So, What’s the Good News?

Greater Healings

Back to Pentecost

Ears To Hear, Eyes To See

The Unforgivable Sin

Law And Grace

Israel And The Church

What About John 3:16

A Thousand Years as a Day

The Hebrew Epistles Are Not General

Prophecy Unfulfilled

The Hidden Teaching of the Parables

Christ Foretold

Hannakuh and the Two Witnesses

Christ After the Flesh

Since the World Began

God’s Voice or Satan’s Voice

Parables of Jesus

Jesus Never Prayed the Lord’s Prayer

Praying in Jesus’ Name

Are You a Lost Sheep?

Hebrews Audio Commentary Finished!

Was Jesus Racist?

Hebrews 10:1-10

Jesus’ Old Testament Ministry

Hebrews 9:15-28

The New Covenant Can Rob You

Hebrews 8:1-13

The Lord’s Prayer Teaches Conditional Forgiveness

Proverbs Under Law

So Great Salvation

Isaiah 53:8-12

Isaiah 53:4-7

Differences Between the Old Covenant, New Covenant, and the Fellowship of the Mystery

Isaiah 52:13-53:3

Stephen, Zechariah, and Israel’s Fall

The Law of Christ

The End of the Law

Written in Their Hearts

End of the World Series

Acts 3:1-16

Christ As King

The Kingdom Come

Baptism and Manifesting Christ to Israel

Tribulation Salvation

Why Preaching Peter Makes Us All Liars

The Purpose of the Tribulation

Pentecost Not the Beginning of the Mystery Church

The Tribulation Introduction

The Coming Rapture

The Good Samaritan Gospel

What Will Happen In The Last Days

The End of the World

Is September the End of the World

Is the Church Today Under the New Covenant?

Are spiritual gifts given today?

Genesis 49

10am Q & A Session (July 5, 2015)

Christ is (not yet) King

Is there a difference between “covenant” and “testament”?

Does Paul Teach the New Testament?

What Happened to Peter’s Ministry

The Great Commissions

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear… About Healing

Miracles and Israel

What About the End Times?

Is Prophecy Being Fulfilled Today?

Is Israel’s Kingdom Literal?

Walk Not By Sight

Red Letter Issues

The Kingdom Within You

Jesus Ate With Sinners

A Lost Cause (Looking for us in Revelation)

Make Your Own List of Kings

The Day of Christ Not at Hand

A Look at History With and Without Israel

Does John 3:16 contain the gospel for today?

Genesis 11

Matt-John Contain Fulfilled Prophecy

The Wild Graft Found in Matthew 21

Hard Sayings of Jesus

Confrontational Jesus

9 Harbingers of Bad Doctrine

Following Jesus

I Am Not a New Testament Christian

Not Every Gentile is in the Church

The Context of Romans 9-11

Why Paul Quotes Prophecy

Jesus Rightly Dividing Prophecy

Not All Israel

Malachi 3:13-4:6

Malachi 3:1-6

God Hated Esau

Studying Prophecy

To Fulfil All Righteousness

The Church Does Not Have Twelve Tribes

What Jesus Said on Palm Sunday

The Gospel of His Name

The Gospel Missing in John

Help With Hebrews

A Rightly Divided Eschatology

Able Ministers of God’s Sufficiency

How We Eat the Lord’s Supper

A Grace Response to the Apocalypse

Chart: Fulfillment of Prophecy

Israel’s Return to the Land

Studying Prophecy

Prophecies of the Future

Are We Living in Prophesied Times?

What Happened to Israel?

Prophetic Fulfillment

Prophetic Fulfillment

Peter’s Best and Worst Day

Blood of the New Testament

A Strange Teaching on the New Testament

God’s Peculiar People

The Gospel According to Paul

10 Reasons 2 Chronicles 7:14 is not About You

A Division Ignored in the Covenant-Dispensational Debate

Was Christ’s Death Prophesied?

Tongue Talking Skills

Identifying Your Spiritual Gift

God’s Plan for the Ages – Chart

What Samuel Foretold

Kingdom of Heaven and Kingdom of God

Kingdom of Heaven and Kingdom of God

The 2000 Year Gap

What Mary Could Not Know

Seminar 2011: 06 – The Future of the Church

Seminar 2011: 05 – The Rise of Israel

Israel and the Church

Seminar 2011: 03 – The Fall of Israel

Seminar 2011: 01 – What is Israel?

Jesus’ No Tell Policy

What No Law Can Do

Reasons We Ought Not to Follow the “Great” Commission

James Taught what Jesus Taught

What is the Remnant?

USA’s Covenant with God

The One Revelation Tongue Talkers Never Get

Be Prepared for the End of the World

Born Again of the Spirit

The Sign of the Time

Matthew 24 is Not My Future

Defining the New Testament

30 Reasons We do not Operate Under the New Testament

Following Jesus

Glorious Appearing

Days of the Lord

A Suggestion for Prosperity Preachers

Signs of the Times

Seminar 2010: 05 – Consequences of Prophecy

Seminar 2010: 01- Prophecy vs. Mystery

Tongues and the Kingdom of God

List: 17 Reasons Israel’s Prophecies are not Being Fulfilled in this Dispensation

A Greater Commission

Blueprints for a Pauline Foundation

Paul and Prophecy

Time of Transition

Should I Speak in Tongues?

Promise and the Law

The Lost Sheep of Israel

20 Reasons You Should Stop Tithing

The Tithing Curse

Does 1 Cor 12:13 Describe the Spirit Baptism at Pentecost?

The Kingdom of Priests

The Baptism Gospel

Did Jesus Teach the Mystery?

List: The Church’s Most Controversial Doctrines

Thou Shalt Not Judge!

The Mysteries of the Kingdom

Did I Commit The Unforgivable Sin?

What Pastors Should Tell You: Anointing

Three Bible Churches

Jesus Contradicts Himself

Christ Hath Made Us Free

What Would Jesus Do?

Great Commissions that Fail

Update: Pentecostal Series

5 Words Better than Tongue Talking

Speaking in Tongues

Miracles and Healing

Dangers of Pentecostalism

Verse List: The Twelve Did Not Preach the Cross

Controversial Doctrines Resolved by the Pauline Pattern

Woe to the Pregnant!

Vanity of the Law

Things Old and Things New

Minister of the Circumcision

Every Day God

Grace and Antinomianism

Case Study: The Lord’s Prayer

An Unfulfilled Kingdom

Beatitudes and Salvation

Old Testament, New Testament, and You!

Ten Commandments Are Too Much

Sell Everything You Have!

Too Afraid to Ask

Israel’s Future Salvation

Israel’s Spiritual Fall

Why Did Jesus Ignore the Canaanite Woman?

Did God Give Up On Israel?

What Happened To Israel?

Does the Bible Teach A Spiritual Israel?

Does Romans 2:28-29 Teach A Spiritual Israel?

Is Prophecy Being Fulfilled in the Dispensation of Grace?

Remote Control God

Pentecostals: On Fire for God

Did Peter Preach Paul’s Gospel at Pentecost?

Did Jesus Preach the Cross for Salvation?

Why Did the Pentecostal Believers Sell Their Possessions?

What Is the New Covenant / Testament?

Did God Pour Out His Spirit In Response To Extreme Faith?

Is the Pentecostal Church Our Model?

Did the Church Begin at Pentecost?

What Happened at Pentecost? (Acts 2)

Are We Under Any Covenants?

What Is the Function of the Law?

What Is God’s Prophetic Purpose For Israel?

Understanding Signs and Wonders

Jesus: Return of the Judge

Jesus: Death of A Testator

Jesus: A Prophesied Life, Message, and Purpose

Jesus: Minister of the Circumcision

Are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John Old Testament Books?