Those Who Have Never Heard

The Wrong Reaction to Legalism

Have Ears to Hear

The Purest Gospel

The Church is Not the Remnant

God Was Not in the Fire

Fulness of the Gentiles

How to Preach the Love of God in Christ

We Have Christ’s Atonement Now

Inconvenient Thing #11 – Whisperers

The Judgment Seat of Christ

Walking in the Spirit Before Paul

Made in God’s Image

No Excuses

Spiritual Discipline

Changing Your Mind

Remembering What Works In You

The End of the Beginning

Who You Are In Christ

Who You Are In Christ

Heirs and Joint-Heirs

Does Romans 8 Teach Conditional Salvation?

Earth Day and the Lord Jesus Christ

Objection: “People were in Christ before Paul”

Survey of Romans

The Wild Graft Found in Matthew 21

Joint-Heirs with Christ

Not Every Gentile is in the Church

The Context of Romans 9-11

Not All Israel

Sheep Are Not Conquerors

God Hated Esau

Paul’s Romans Perspective

How Things Work Together for Good

Know Sin is Present

Sin and Your Identity in Christ

Paul and Creation

Abraham, Father of Us All

God is Always Right

Rightly Dividing Paul’s Epistles

In Christ Before Paul

All Scripture For Our Learning

Inconvenient Thing #12: Backbiting

Begin with Romans

How to Deal With Sin

What No Law Can Do

Be Fully Persuaded

Let God be True

When Grace Abounds

Could Pharaoh Repent?

By Faith and Through Faith

Your Circumcision is Not of the Heart

Confession and Salvation

Inconvenient Thing #13 – Haters of God

Required Words for Salvation

What Abraham Found

Does Romans 6:3-4 Teach Water Baptism?

The Most Common Response to Grace

All Scripture For Our Learning

Now That I Am Saved By Grace, May I Sin?

Our Identity in Christ

Christ Hath Made Us Free

Start With Romans

Inconvenient Thing #19 – “Without Understanding”

Jesus According to the Revelation of the Mystery

When Can Works Justify

Israel’s Future Salvation

Israel’s Spiritual Fall

What Happened To Israel?

Does the Bible Teach A Spiritual Israel?

Does Romans 2:28-29 Teach A Spiritual Israel?