Mid-Acts Audio Commentary on Paul’s Epistles

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Saturday, February 18th, 2023.

After 14 years, we have finished studying all 13 of Paul’s epistles at Grace Ambassadors.

There is now a verse-by-verse Bible believing mid-Acts dispensational audio commentary of Paul on the site for your reference.
The entire Pauline audio commentary took 382 weeks to complete (a little over 7 years).

“Wait you said it took you 14 years, what happened the rest of the time?”

Interspersed in our study of the Pauline corpus we studied 12 other books of the Bible (for a total of 25 books in 14 years).

Those 12 books were not all the small ones, either. They contained nearly 6,000 verses compared to the mere 2,000 we studied in Paul.

We studied twice as many non-Pauline verses of the Bible than Pauline. Before 2 Timothy, we spent more time in non-Pauline books than in Paul (357 weeks to 332 weeks).

So much for the “you worship Paul!” and “Bible chopper!” objections.

We find our gospel, doctrine, position, walk, and ministry in Paul’s epistles, but without learning from all scripture our perspective on Paul will be skewed or wrong.

Studying Hebrews, Isaiah, Malachi, John, James, and Genesis gave us better understanding into what God inspired in Paul’s books.

All scripture is profitable. Our desire is that you can learn with us through our past studies. 739 verse by verse studies is a large commitment. How can you ever catch up?

Hint 1: Take it one verse at a time.
Hint 2: We studied once a week. You can listen more often.
Hint 3: Do your own study at a faster pace.
Hint 4: We are starting over with Romans. Get on board!

You can find all our verse-by-verse studies here:

For your edification,

Justin “one verse at a time” Johnson

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