The Cure for Ignorance

Justin Johnson

People ask questions because they are ignorant about something: they don’t know.

When people ask questions about fundamental things, they are fundamentally ignorant. When people start asking big questions then they are ignorant about big things.

Learning comes by getting questions answered. Ignorance can be cured.

Important questions can be answered by studying Bible doctrine. Bible doctrine is rejected. It is unacceptable to those asking the questions.

Someone that rejects the answer to a question is a fool. A fool does not want to be cured of ignorance.

For over a century questioning God and the Bible have been popular. For over a century ignorance about God and the Bible have been prevalent.

The answers are found in doctrines, but the questioners do not want to read and study doctrines, they want answers. They do not know that doctrines are the answers. They become fools.

What are the evidences of God’s existence?
This is the doctrine of Theology. (Theology = the study of God)

How do we know the Bible is God’s word?
This is the doctrine of inspiration.

Can people in far off lands and other religions be saved?
This is the doctrine of soteriology (i.e salvation).

Why is there evil in the world?
This is the doctrine of creation and sin.

What is God doing? Why doesn’t he intervene in this way or that?
This is the doctrine of God’s will (dispensational Bible study).

These are legitimate questions to ask and learn the answers. If you are looking for the answer, then study the appropriate doctrine. You are not the first to ask.

All of these doctrines have been discussed, debated, described, and disputed for millennia. The Bible discerns the truth concerning them.

If you are not willing to study doctrine or the scripture to receive answers to your questions, then you are a fool. A fool whines about being hungry while staring at a plate of food and refusing to eat it.

Many Christians are now opposing the study of Bible doctrine for something more experiential. By rejecting Bible doctrine, they are producing Bible ignorance resulting in unanswered questions about the Bible.

The bigger the ignorance, the bigger the questions. The questions about God and the Bible today are huge.

Christian ignorance turns people away from the church in search for answers elsewhere.

Scholarship, naturalism, philosophy, and mysticism try to fill the void, but they are inadequate at best and false, deceptive, and dangerous at worst.

You have questions. Ignorance can be cured by knowledge of the truth. The truth is found in God’s revelation in scripture. The scripture points to Jesus Christ.

“How do you know?”

It’s time to start studying doctrine. Find a Bible. Don’t be foolish.

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine…” – 2 Timothy 3:16

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Published: November 25, 2017
Last Modified: October 15, 2019
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