Email Tips: Words Not in the Bible

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, December 3rd, 2022 .

There are lots of words and phrases thrown around in modern Christian culture that are not found in the Bible (KJB).

Did you know that you won’t find a ‘problem’ or ‘mistake’ in the Bible? Of course, none are righteous, which is a big problem; and sins are greater than mistakes.

If we were using strictly Biblical phrases, then sins are not ‘paid for’, though certainly that is the idea behind atonement and redemption (Biblical words).

Speaking of church ministry, using pure Bible speak we would have to strike from our vocabulary ‘discipleship’, ‘mission’, ‘personal relationship’, and ‘perfect plan’ (which is probably a good idea).

‘Happiness’ is not found, neither is ‘find your joy’, ‘responsibility’, or ‘depression’.

Some words come from the languages behind the Bible. For example, ‘Hallelujah’ is not found in your King James Bible. It is spelled ‘alleluia’ in Revelation and is rightly translated as ‘Praise ye the Lord’ many times.

‘Shekinah’ (as in the the glory of God) is another example of an Hebraism that entered into Christian parlance but is not in the Bible; neither is “Holy of Holies” (which comes from the NASB), nor ‘Trinity’ (which comes from theology).

Since we’re at it, the book of Jonah does not mention a ‘whale’, and there is no mention of an ‘apple’ in Eden. Not a single angel wears a ‘halo’, or wings for that matter, nor did ‘three kings’ follow a star to Bethlehem.

Though it seems like this could go on forever, ‘this too shall pass’ (a phrase not in the text).

When we speak, it is important to know which words are the words of God and which are substitutes, synonyms, explanations, euphemisms, or completely foreign.

It is unavoidable that we will use different words when we try to communicate and explain Scripture to others. Afterall, ‘Bible’ is not a word in the Bible either.

We should also beware that more than a few false doctrines and bad ideas have come from language people think is scripture but is not.

A word to the wise,

Justin “spiritual eyes” Johnson

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