Email Tips: Proof the Bible is of God

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, July 25th, 2020 .

Fulfilled prophecy is one of the most powerful ways to show the Bible to be inspired by God.

I am not talking about unfulfilled prophecy (e.g. end of the world, sign of the times, who is the antichrist, when the rapture will occur).

Terrible teachers make fools out of themselves and a mockery of the Bible when they use future prophecies to prove inspiration and fail in their predictions.

No future prophecy can prove the inspiration of scripture now because they have not yet been fulfilled. The real proof is in prophecy already fulfilled.

The Bible is a collection of books and prophecies that span generations. Their fulfillment is recorded in the later books and by the historians.

Read the prophets, then read the history. That they were right about future events is evidentially recorded.

The only question that remains is how did they know? How could these ancient men be so accurate about so many specific things so distant into their future? Where did they get this power to peer into the future?

They claimed God as the source. Is there any other alternative?

A large number of people deny the Bible as the word of God, and perhaps that is due to a failure to read the abundance of fulfilled prophecies it contains.

For Truth,

Justin “not a prophet” Johnson

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