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This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, July 8th, 2017 .

I received this comment recently from someone who liked my emails and information until they heard one thing that made them dislike me and my emails.

“I liked your emails and info until I discovered you guys are KJV-Only. How silly and juvenile.”

That was the first and last I ever heard from them. They left without engaging the position. It was too silly and juvenile. I couldn’t tell if they were being ironic.

The thing I like about young people (juveniles) is that they ask great questions. Here are some elementary questions to consider about the Bible:

1. Most attacks against one-Bible believers are from people who think identifying one Bible is divisive, but how can there be unity and oneness in the church if we don’t have one common Bible?

Is it possible they don’t think the church is established upon the literal words of God, but on people, power, and paychecks? Or maybe they believe the church is built on the general message of tradition and scholarship instead of the words from a book in the hands of every man?

2. Why are King James Bible believers scorned by those who think any Bible will do, if indeed any Bible will do?

Is it possible they will tolerate any Bible unless you have only one?

3. Why is the word “communion” removed entirely from the ESV, NIV, and NASV and replaced with “sharing”, “participation”, and “partnership”?

Is it possible that many Bibles are made intending for people to participate based on personal preference, rather than for people to change to be one body by the unchanging preserved words of God?

Then again … maybe I’m just being silly.

There is a reason for having one Bible that is not about preference or prejudice, but preservation and communion. The first is juvenile, the other is not.

Here is our recent lesson on communion and its importance for your spiritual identity and maturity in the one faith based on the one book about one the Lord and Saviour.

For the glory of Jesus Christ,

Justin “communion text” Johnson

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