Mistakes In The Bible

Justin Johnson

It is a shame that seminaries teach pastors that there are mistakes in the Bible.

Armed with this dangerous misinformation pastors leave seminaries and convince their congregations that there are ‘better renderings’, ‘unfortunate translations’, and plain mistakes in the Bible.

As a result no one memorizes scripture anymore; saints think they need to spend years studying Greek and Hebrew before they can understand God’s word in English; and doctrines suffer endless twisting and corrupting when a verb meaning needs a little push in the direction of a three point outline.

Critics cannot find a single legitimate mistake in the Bible (yes, that was a challenge), yet many pastors seem to be focused on creating them by peppering the scripture with ‘better renderings’.

It would be better if instead of spending our time confusing congregations with third grade Greek that we teach them the word of God in English!

Shouldn’t we first learn why Christ was baptized twice rather than learning that the Greek word for baptism is baptizo?

Isn’t it more important to know that there is more than one gospel in the scripture than to know that the Greek word for gospel sounds like evangelist?

Instead of shamefully casting doubt on any word in scripture our leaders should be defending every syllable!

If no one else in this generation is going to say it, let me be the first. There are no mistakes in the Bible. Go ahead take me to school on it. It will be a short class.

Choose you this day which Greek text you will never fully learn. As for me and my house we shall read the Bible without one mistake in it.

If you have been victimized by amateur Greek translators decide now to trust God’s ability to inspire and preserve his words for you to use. Study your Bible in English. You will not regret it.

Give God the benefit of the doubt. God does not make mistakes; men make mistakes when they correct God. God inspired and promised to preserve his book. It would be a mistake for men not to believe every word in it.

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Published: August 2, 2008
Last Modified: April 20, 2016
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