Email Tips: Let God Be the Expert

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 .

When people want to know what is true, they consult the experts.

An archaeologist makes a new discovery confirming what the Bible says. Does this encourage you? Why?

How many validations from experts does it take for you to believe? How many refutations by other experts does it take for you to disbelieve?

If you had believed the Bible before the new discovery, you would have been right. The experts would have scoffed at you thinking there was no proof, but you would have been justified in the end because the Bible is true.

How do you know the Bible is true? It is written by the expert on truth: God. God is true.

Why do you think the Bible is mistaken? Do the experts tell you this?

How do you know the experts of the world are true? They don’t claim to be experts on truth. They often contradict each other, and are often wrong. Though their discovery affirms the Bible, if you asked them about the Bible most would disbelieve it.

“There are many things in the Bible that remain unverified and unbelievable”, so say the experts.

Why do people believe the word of experts? They let them be the expert. They believe the expert is the final word, the ultimate authority, on a subject.

Expert validation is not required for Bible belief. Bible belief has everything to do with letting God be true. God is the expert. He is never wrong.

Believe the Bible now. Believe the Bible first, before the experts give their sanctified opinions and rob you of all faith in God.

Let God be the expert in all things. All other experts must submit to His expertise. All other expert findings must submit to His true words.

This is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom.

For His glory,

Justin “not the expert” Johnson

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