Email Tips: Leave Contradictions Alone

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, March 20th, 2021 .

A contradiction literally means something said against. The ‘contra’ means the same as in ‘contrary’. The ‘diction’ means the same as in the verb ‘dictate’.

The Bible contains many contradictions. A contradiction is not the same as a mistake.

Sincere people desiring to guard the Bible against errors deny its contradictions. This is a mistake.

A contradiction is not the same as an error or mistake.

When the Bible in one place says something contrary to another place, then leave it alone! Denying contradictions in the Bible is denying what the Bible says.

Contradictions help us see the differences in God’s instructions, revelations, and dispensations.

Contradictions do not need reconciled to each other; they need divided from each other. This is the beginning of right division.

If God is true, and he makes contradictory statements, then the context must be different. If someone is not seeing the difference, most likely they are ignoring the contradictions. To make them see, show them some.

Believing the Bible means leaving the contradictions alone.

For His glory,

Justin “God meant it” Johnson

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