Email Tips: Bible vs. Science

This "tip" was originally delivered on Saturday, March 15th, 2014 .

“I can’t believe the Bible. It contradicts science.”

Actually, the Bible does not contradict science, it contradicts the theory of evolution, but there is really no comparison.

Science is limited to what people see. The Bible is what the unlimited God sees. (Pro tip: God sees more than we do.)

The Bible can contradict science whenever it wants. It is science that is not allowed to contradict the Bible (Psa 33:9).

There are plenty of things science cannot explain simply because they cannot be placed under the microscope.

How do we measure the soul?
What are the limits on righteousness or love?
What is sin, and how do we get rid of it?
Why should parents care for their children?
How is a man justified before God?

Science is just not equipped to answer these simple questions. There are also questions within reach of the microscope that science has not yet explained.

What causes gravity?
How was the Great Pyramid built?
Why do people die?
Why do we sleep?
How do birds and butterflies find find their homes without maps?
Why am I right handed?

Perhaps one day scientists will discover how these things work, and if they do there will be more things beyond our understanding.

We will never see everything that God sees, or know everything he knows. When God speaks in the Bible it is a supplement, not a contradiction to science.

There are many things unknown or impossible to know by science. There is nothing God does not know.

Science (what men have observed) is no comparison to the Bible (what God has observed).

If we see contradictions or mistakes in the Bible, the problem is always us not God. This is something we learn from the Bible, not science.

For His glory,

Justin “the Bible guy” Johnson

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