Bible Belief

You have learned to distrust God and the Bible from poor teaching and worldly preaching. This section will encourage you to trust every word of the Bible and to give God the seat of final authority.

Identifying Heresy

Finding the Right Denomination

Pressing On in 2021

Every Wind of Doctrine

Problem Passages for Paul’s Pattern

China Has Textual Critics, Too

Christian Thinking About the News

Thinking Biblically About the News

Proof the Bible is of God

The Benefit of the Doubt

The Faith of Jesus Christ

Colossians Book Summary – Lesson 2

How to Talk to Your Friends About Bible Versions

The Bible is Unique

Bible and Science

Jesus and the Bible

Inspired Prophecy

Constructing the Bible

God’s Signature on the Bible

How to Know the Bible is God’s Word

How to Know the Bible is God’s Word

The Bible is True Whether You Believe It or Not

One Bible

We Have Christ’s Atonement Now

One In Ten

The Holy Bible

Why Evolution Fails

Why Creation Matters

A Bible Teacher’s Oath

Jesus Never Wrong

What is Truth

Seminar 2016: 02 – The Revelation of Christ: the Bible

Seminar 2016: 01 – Laying the Foundation

In the Original Greek

7 Important Doctrines About the Bible

Don’t Take it Personal

Why the King James Bible – Part 2

Why the King James Bible

Keep This in Memory

Major Doctrines Affected

Seminar 2015: 02 – Start with the Right Bible

Perfect Preservation of the Bible

Let God Be the Expert

Where was the Bible before 1611?

Earth Day and the Lord Jesus Christ

Contradictions and Mistakes

How God Speaks

Things People Think Discredit the Bible… But Don’t

Answering a Fool

Genesis 2:1-14

Genesis 1:20-31

Bible vs. Science

Genesis 1:6-19

Why God Created All Things

Facebook Theology May Not Be Bible Truth

Preservation: The Bible Issue

Job Cried for What We Have

Seminar 2013: 02 – God’s Words are Better …

Are Bible Believers Bibliolators?

Take the Bible Literally

What I Believe vs. What God Said

When God Does Miracles

The Reality of Hell

The 66 Books

The Perfect Bible

The Final Authority

Academic Authority

Councils, Creeds, and Catechisms

Apostolic Authority

Is Tradition Our Authority?

Problems With Authority

Problems With Authority

Retranslating to Teach New Doctrine

Theology vs. Bible Study

God’s Words Translated

Paul and Creation

Biblical Inerrancy and Right Division

Acts 12:4 and Easter

Why the Old Man Hates To Read the Bible

A Bible that Does Not Change

Three Kinds of Bible Application

Believe the Bible Even When its Hard

Our Bible Not from the Catholics

Ground of the Truth

Let God be True

The Embarrassment of Inspiration

Too Many “Scholars”

Scholar Worship

Blind Faith Is Worthless

The Failure of Concordances

The Agape Myth

Stop Correcting the Bible

List: BibleContradictions

Every Man a Liar

God’s Preserved Words

God Knows the Future

Inspiration of the Bible

The Bible Is Not Relevant

The Purpose of Bible Study

Mistakes In The Bible

Starting With Faith

The Bible as God’s Word

Where to Find God’s Word

What Is Doctrine?