Audio: Seminar 2018:03 – What is Salvation

Taught by Justin Johnson on Saturday, October 13th, 2018.

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Defining salvation is different than explaining salvation. Salvation is life out of death, peace in the storm, truth among lies, liberty from bondage, love conquering hate, joy for those that mourn, forgiveness of sins, justification unto righteousness, redemption from evil, reconciliation unto God, and being separated (sanctified) unto glory. Even the world pursues salvation through other means. These twin sessions of the problem of sin and the solution in salvation create the mystery of salvation by defining the need and solution but providing no explanation of how God will accomplish it. If salvation is left unexplained it destroys the need to rightly divide, but if salvation is not defined then it causes confusion about what is being accomplished by the cross work of Christ. Hear this generic and basic definition of salvation to set the table for making salvation clear through further revelation and explanation.

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